Jonathan Allmaier

Bump Paintings and Key Key Paintings
February 28—March 30, 2014

James Fuentes is pleased to announce a double exhibition of Bump Paintings and Key Key Paintings by Jonathan Allmaier.

(Please note that the following are the artist’s descriptions of the paintings, not guidelines for making the paintings. These are the descriptions for all the paintings, as a description for one type of painting requires a description for each of the others.)

A pointing painting is concerned with pointing, and so it is not descriptive in terms of painting. For this reason, a pointing painting is described by a key painting.

Counting pointing paintings are concerned with pointing, but the pointing is co-descriptive with counting. For this reason, counting pointing paintings are their own key paintings.

A key painting describes another painting, and so it is painted with a brush. However, this description is only in terms of painting.

Bump paintings are descriptive, but there is no outside object of description. For this reason, bump paintings are not described by key paintings. However, Color-World key key paintings serve as key paintings for all types of bump paintings.

Key key paintings describe something, so they are painted with a brush. However, key key paintings do not describe another painting.